What are Crunchy Eyebrows?

I was introduced to the term ‘Crunchy Eyebrows’ by a colleague, @georgiac .  She described crunchy eyebrows as the face a learner makes when they are trying to understand a new concept.  I have since tried really hard to create learning experiences in my classroom that encourage lots of crunchy eyebrows and encourage learners to really think about what they are learning, not just be passive consumers of the knowledge.


Here I will blog about my experiences with crunchy eyebrows and the lessons I set up to create them.  I’ll also talk about lots of other fun things I’m doing in my classroom along the way!


6 thoughts on “What are Crunchy Eyebrows?

  1. I love it……and love the term crunchy eyebrows!!!
    Very excited to have you as Ruqayya’s teacher this year, it sounds like it will give the kids EXCITING learning experiences at school and at home
    Thank you!!

  2. Theana and I are going through the website now. I love the Sumdogs maths site – it is so quick and a fantastic tool for all budding matheticians. The reading beads is also another wonderful initiative. What a great journey we are going to have this year with our children,

    Thanks !!

  3. Wow, it sounds great Sarah. You never cease to amaze me. Mt Lewis is very lucky to have you. The ideas you have come up with are great. Crunchy Eyebrows is a great term and so true.

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