Peer Coaching Reflections Day 1

I am currently undergoing training in Microsoft Peer Coaching.  This is three days of professional learning that has already challenged me to look at the way that I support and mentor my colleagues.  It has already started changing MY way of thinking, and how I approach team-building opportunities. The following is my reflections and some resources that have been made available throughout day one of the training.


What will I keep doing?

I will continue to provide support for my colleagues (both locally and globally), particularly in the use of ICT tools in classroom practice.


What will I take into my practice?

Listen attentively!  Take notes and respond appropriately!

There is more to responding than just nodding and smiling, reflections should build upon what has been said and support or challenge it.


What will I do differently?

I need to remember to develop careful plans for the ways that I am supporting staff in my school, not just attack it with an “ad-hoc” approach.  The idea of accountability has resonated with me this morning and I am aware that I am accountable to to my colleagues when in a coaching role.


What do I need to think about?

How does this fit in our school plan? How does this suit the needs of my students? How does this suit the needs of my colleagues?


One comment that has really resonated with my is something that I believe to be our purpose as educators.  I need to consider what I’m preparing my students for.  My Kindergarten students are going to be doing jobs that haven’t even been invented yet – they need to have the skills to succeed in a changing workforce. This quote has been taken from the  video, Learning to change, changing to learn

“[We are] making students better prepared, not just for school and university, but for life.”



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