About Me

I am an Early Childhood Teacher in Sydney, NSW.  I am trained as a K-6 teacher and I’m currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Early Intervention 0 -5 Settings.  I am passionate about authentic learning experiences for young children that help to develop a love of learning.  I blog about teaching & learning and all of the experiences that go along with it.


I was introduced to the term ‘Crunchy Eyebrows’ by a colleague, @georgiac .  She described crunchy eyebrows as the face a learner makes when they are trying to understand a new concept.  I have since tried really hard to create learning experiences in my classroom that encourage lots of crunchy eyebrows and allow learners to really think about what they are learning, not just be passive consumers of the knowledge.

Here I will blog about my experiences with crunchy eyebrows and the lessons I set up to create them.  I’ll also talk about lots of other fun things I’m doing in my classroom along the way!


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. looking forward to following your creativity and enthusiasm this year. Please include lots of photos, such as desk sitting and dancing!

  2. I think ‘crunchy eyebrows’ is an inspired choice for the name of this blog – great job! I first heard of the term while studying gifted education at UNSW and I have since observed some fabulous moments in classrooms where students truly are engaged in quality learning (while displaying crunchy eyebrows!) Have so much fun with your teaching!

  3. Wow Sarah! Lovely blog- very inspirational for a beginning educator. Looking forward to reading more blog stories!

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